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RM Propulsion is an independent service company for the marine industry. Many years of field experience made us what we are today: specialists in oil lubricated stern tube systems. With the same philosophy of being experts through hands-on field experience we also offer propulsion overhaul services for thrusters and CPP’s.

Our head office is located in Hoorn, The Netherlands.


Our goal

Our goal is to be the best partner for vessel owners, when it comes to operating and maintaining oil lubricated stern tube seal systems, thrusters and CPP/ OD boxes.

We do this by offering high quality spare parts for very competitive prices, we provide worldwide overhaul service by well trained and experienced service engineers and when needed we will be your independent technical advisors and sounding board.

Many ship owners seem to believe that they have no other option but to refer to the original makers for spare parts and services.


But there is an alternative!

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Research and development vision

At RM Propulsion, we see research and development in the area of stern tube seals and propulsion as an important element of our strategy: our team of R&D engineers is creative, innovative and dares to challenge the unknown. This focus enables us to successfully identify and serve the needs of our customers. Ultimately this will allow us to reach our goal of becoming the best at providing high quality and customer-oriented stern tube and propulsion services and products in all phases of the maintenance process, allowing our customers immediate cost savings.

Research and development goals: 

  • Quality improvement of both service and products:We keep your interest first’ – by continuously improving the quality of our stern seal and propulsion products & services to better respond to our existing and potential clients’ demands in their best interest.
  • Develop new applications, services and products: being pro-active and able to anticipate the customer’s needs by developing new products for markets we currently operate in, or developing new applications for products and services we already produce and perform.
  • Develop competences, knowledge and networks: monitor new developments in seal technology, rubber materials, engineering, and provide our staff with effective knowledge and tools, resulting in the optimal transfer of technology.

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