We are stern tube seal specialists

Complete stern tube seal maintenance concept

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We are stern tube seal specialists 

Complete stern tube seal maintenance concept

Independent from the makers, RM Propulsion offers a complete and tailor-made maintenance concept for oil lubricated stern tube seals.

This helps ship owners to achieve immediate and significant cost reduction and increased reliability of their stern tube systems.

We consider stern tube maintenance as a multi-stage process:

  • Planning,
  • Purchasing,
  • Bonding/ installation,
  • Operations.

In all these phases we are able to support our customers.

Planning: we keep checking and try to stay up-to-date with customers dock schedule at an early stage of the planning. We can ensure that spare parts and overhaul service are ordered in time. Once an order has been placed, we remain actively involved and regularly coordinate with the superintendent about the desired date that we need to be present. We also send a preparation document that can help the superintendent and the ship’s crew, make the right preparations and agreements with the shipyard.

Purchasing: we help buyers by requesting the right information. If desired, we will contact the superintendent or technical manager ourselves to explain what information we need. Then, we check if the correct parts are ordered.

Bonding/ installation: depending on the wishes of the customer: We can perform a bonding job in which the customer has already made the necessary preparations. Or we can perform a complete overhaul in which we completely relieve the superintendent and the chief engineer of their worries.

Operations: or after sales. We can advise technical managers and chief engineers with regards to the functioning of their system. If necessary, we can advise on managing leaks, help analyzing crisis situations, etc.

We are able to perform propulsion services for a.o.:

Bow/Stern- & Azimuth thrusters:

  • Rolls-Royce®,
  • Ulstein®,
  • Kamewa®,
  • Aquamaster®,
  • Schottel®,
  • Jastram®,
  • Nakashima®,
  • Kawasaki®.

Shaftline propulsion systems FP/CPP & ODBox:

  • Ulstein®,
  • Kamewa®,
  • Liaan®,
  • MAN®,
  • Berg®,
  • Wärtsilä®,
  • Lips®.

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