RM Propulsion B.V. provides its customers with the best Propulsion Services available. Our offer extends your expectations and includes:

  • Free Consultation, Technical Advice and Troubleshooting
  • Stations in the Netherlands, Greece, Estonia, China, and Panama
  • Experienced Marine Propulsion Specialists
  • Advice about necessary Spare Parts
  • Warranty on our Services for a period of six months
  • Service in Drydock and Afloat
  • Worldwide Service
  • 24/7 Availability

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Propulsion and Stern Tube Seal Service – The Netherlands

This vessel needed a special survey and RM Propulsion was asked to perform an overhaul/ repair of VL160C replacements of the blade seals CPP stern tube for this vessel. Furthermore, our service engineer replaced the stern tube seals with our own spare parts, compatible to Wärtsilä MK2 AFT size 560 and FWD size 450.

Partially Unscrewed Oil Plug – Bahamas

This vessel showed water leakage and RM Propulsion was asked to perform an afloat repair. During this stern tube seal overhaul, our service engineer found out that one of the stern tube seals on the AFT system showed signs of progressed wear and decided to renew all the seals on the AFT system with our own spare parts, compatible to Simplex SC2, size 560. Furthermore, our service engineer found a partially unscrewed oil plug, which could have caused a small leakage, but this was not the case and luckily no damage was done.

Special survey Seal Bonding Job

One of our service engineers attended this vessel while it was in drydock for the special survey to perform a seal bonding job. There were no difficulties and the engineer removed the old stern tube seals and bonded our own spare parts, compatible to Wärtsilä MK2, AFT size 500 and FWD size 480 seals.