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How long will a service job take?

Three days for a standard overhaul job on one shaft.

Where do our service engineers work?

Our service engineers work world wide.  

We have a branche office in Panama offering fast response to any needs for stern tube seals service in the caribbean area.  You may contact Jack Janssen in Panama directly +0507 64535772.

Also in Baltic region we have a branche office for sales and stern tube seals service. For enquiries baltic@rmpropulsion.com

Do you offer seal service in China?

Yes we do, with our own European service engineers.

And…. we are more competitief than you might think.  

Just try us.

Can we overhaul the stern tube seals without pulling the shaft?

Yes we can, we will cut the old sealing rings out. The new endless sealing rings will then be cut, and put back into the seal housing.  The new sealing rings are glued back together with purpose built bonding tools and glue. Performed by our experienced service engineer, this will result in a bond which is stronger than the sealing ring material.  

Is a afloat repair job possible?

If the vessel can be trimmed with the propeller shaft above the waterline: Yes, we have done so many times

This can be done mostly with tanker and bulk carriers. For more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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