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Our stern tube seal spare parts are compatible with :

Simplex stern tube seals: 

  • We can supply compatible spares for both the Simplex Compact SC-1 and Simplex Compact 2000 or Simplex Compact SC-2 types.
  • We have spares for some sizes of the very old Simplex Standard seals as well.

Kobelco stern tube seals:

  • We offer spares compatible with Kobelco C -type, Kobelco CX and Kobelco DX -types


  • Kemel stern tube seals
  • Eagle Seals: Eagle EVD
  • Wärtsilä: MK-2
  • Lips: MK-2
  • John Crane: MK-2
  • Waukesha: MK-2
  • Chuetsu: MK-2
  • Dover Japan: MK-2
  • JMT (Japan Marine Technology):  MK-2
  • Neptune: MK-2
  • Deep Sea Seals: MK-2
  • IHC Lagersmit: Supreme

Our stern tube seal spare parts and service are accepted by class.