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Chrome Steel Liners

Our forward and aft chrome steel liners are made of a special Duplex stainless steel as a standard. With this material we offer the highest level of corrosion and wear resistance available for chrome steel liners.

For absolute maximum durability we can also supply tungsten coated liners.

Forward liners can be supplied of cast cast iron on request.

Class certificate for all types of liners is available upon request.

Our chrome Steel liners are compatible with:

  • Simplex stern tube seals: We can supply chrome steel liners for both the Simplex Compact SC-1 and Simplex Compact 2000 or Simplex Compact SC-2 types. We even supply chrome steel liners for the very old Simplex Standard seals as well.
  • Kobelco stern tube seals: We offer liners compatible with Kobelco C -type, Kobelco CX and Kobelco DX -types
  • Kemel
  • Eagle Seals: Eagle EVD
  • Wärtsilä MK-1 and MK-2
  • Lips MK-1 and MK-2
  • John Crane MK-1 and MK-2
  • Waukesha MK-2
  • Chuetsu MK-2
  • Dover Japan MK-2
  • JMT (Japan Marine Technology) MK-2
  • Neptune MK-2
  • Deep Sea Seals MK-2
  • IHC Lagersmit Supreme