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An effective additive for Stern Tubes and Bow Thrusters can also be used in CPPs, Rudder Shafts and Rudder Machines

MPS 896 has been developed specifically for use in leaking stern tubes with lip type seals. It can be used as stern tube paste on its own or, if added at a rate of 10% of stern tube oil volume, as an additive enhancing wear protecting properties as well as the sealing ability in both inner and outer seals. MPS 896 must be pumped directly into the stern tube via the drain pipe. If no drain pipe is available, the product should be pumped into the stern tube via the feed line going from the level tank to the stern tube.

Due to its high specific gravity (1,2 to 1,4) the product will automatically, assisted by the pressure from header tank, find its way to the stern tube seals, immediately starting working on the causes of an oil leak and restoring good sealing effect.

In case of water ingress MPS 896 must be pumped directly into the sealing chambers.

MPS 896 is a very complex mineral based paste containing seal revitalising additives and providing extreme corrosion protection.

MPS 896 is an excellent stern tube paste due to its active components that reduce the friction and hence the wear in bearings and propeller shaft/bushing and seals. Also it builds a “dynamic” seal supporting damaged and worn seals both in motion and at rest. Furthermore MPS 896 holds the ability to revitalise seals giving them back their flexibility.

In addition MPS 896 contains a very high amount of Teflon, which due to friction will embed the wear surfaces during operation, repairing minor defects in the contact surfaces between shaft and seal. This will prolong the life time of the seals. MPS 896 will work equally well with most materials e.g. bronze, chrome, stainless steel or brass and rubber, asbestos and plastics.


Leakage stopper


  • Minimises initial start-up damage.
  • Revitalizes seals giving back flexibility.
  • Endures pressure up to and above 137.800 kPa /20.000 psi.
  • Reduces possibility of seizing.
  • Reduces wear and friction.
  • Resists water washout.
  • Offers a high degree of residual lubrication.
  • Assists sealing effect of O-rings in CPPs
  • Compatible with mineral, sythetic and most types of bio-degradable oils


MPS 896 is specially designed to re-establish the sealing effect in defective seals in stern tube systems and thrusters.

For CPPs with leaking problems again MPS 890 is an excellent solution. For ordinary maintenance of stern tube seals and bearings it is recommended to use MPS 890.


  • Appearance: Green Paste
  • Boiling point/range (°C.): >300 °C
  • Flashpoint: 135 °C
  • Density at 20°C. (g/ml): 1.01 kg/l
  • Shelf Life: Min. 10 years under correct conditions