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Liners & Distance ring

Seals and Installation Kits

Stern Tube Seals

Our sealing rings are made of a high grade FKM material (commonly known as Viton®) and comply with the makers fitting tolerances. Chemical analyses show compatibility with EAL oils.


Complete Stern Tube Seal Service Kits

Our seals are offered with a complete installation kit. Installation kits contain: Liner o-rings, o-rings for oil lines, Gaskets, Anodes and fasteners. This kit complies with or exceeds your needs.

We offer complete stern tube seal maintenance kits compatible with almost all oil lubricated lip seal systems.

A cost efficient solution independent from the maker!



Our compatible spare parts:

  • Are made according to our design, based on many years of field experience
  • Are cost efficient,
  • Are accepted by class,
  • Are equal or better quality then maker original parts,
  • Come with a one year warranty.

Compatible with:

  • Simplex®,
  • Kobelco®,
  • Kemel®,
  • Eagle Seals®,
  • Wärtsilä®,
  • Lips®,
  • John Crane®,
  • Waukesha®,
  • Chuetsu®,
  • Dover Japan®,
  • JMT (Japan Marine Technology)®,
  • Deep Sea Seals®,
  • IHC Lagersmit®.

Our spare parts are compatible with:

We can supply self-manufactured compatible spares for:

  • Simplex® Compact SC-1,
  • Simplex® Compact 2000/ SC-2 types,
  • Kobelco® C -type, CX/ DX /AX-types,
  • Kemel® stern tube seals.
  • Wärtsilä®: MK-2,
  • Lips®: MK-2,
  • John Crane®: MK-2,
  • Waukesha®: MK-2,
  • Chuetsu®: MK-2,
  • Dover Japan®: MK-2,
  • JMT (Japan Marine Technology)®: MK-2,
  • Deep Sea Seals®: MK-2,
  • IHC Lagersmit®: Supreme.

Our stern tube seal spare parts and service are accepted by class.

Chrome steel liners/ Distance rings

Chrome Steel Liners

Our forward and aft chrome steel liners are OD finished machined (standard design). Other machining works are to be carried out by customer.


Our chrome Steel liners are compatible with:

  • Simplex® stern tube seals: We can supply chrome steel liners for both the Simplex Compact® SC-1 and Simplex Compact® SC-2 types.
  • Kobelco® stern tube seals: We offer liners compatible with Kobelco® C -type, Kobelco® CX and Kobelco® DX -types.
  • Kemel®,
  • Eagle® Seals,
  • Wärtsilä® MK-1 and MK-2,
  • Lips® MK-1 and MK-2,
  • John Crane® MK-1 and MK-2,
  • Waukesha® MK-2,
  • Chuetsu® MK-2,
  • Dover Japan® MK-2,
  • JMT® (Japan Marine Technology) MK-2,
  • Deep Sea Seals® MK-2,
  • IHC Lagersmit Supreme®.

Distance-/ Spacer rings:

Spacer rings (also called spacers) are installed between the stern tube and the AFT seal housing. The ring improves the durability of the liner and ensures a new, clean running surface for the sealing rings.

Distance-/ Spacer rings can be installed without removing the propeller.