Propulsion specialists

Propulsion specialists

RM Propulsion is your trusted, independent propulsion specialist in the maritime industry. For many years we have been, and are working with vessel owners and ship management companies to service their commercial vessels such as bulk carriers, tanker vessels, container carriers, RORO vessels, etc..

Not only is RM Propulsion your independent partner for services and spare parts for oil-lubricated stern tube seal systems. RM Propulsion is also an independent Propulsion specialist that takes care of your thrusters and CPP systems, with the same philosophy as for our stern tube seal service:





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Our Propulsion services include:

Complete general overhaul 5/ 10 years, pre-docking inspections, check of maintenance & operating history, and advise about necessary spare parts.

For thrusters, you should think of services like thruster removal from the vessel, disassembly/assembly, parts verification, machining, backlash and pattern adjustments, thruster installation onboard, and Pressure test.

For CPP/ FPP (Controllable Pitch propeller/ Fixed Pitch Propeller) you should think of services like dismantling and assembling of the propeller, CPP hubs inspection, and maintenance, crank discs, sliding and piston rod dismantling, inspection, measurements, and reconditioning, technical advice and support, OD-Box overhaul, SKF Coupling disconnecting and assembling.


All our propulsion services come with a detailed digital service report!


Our propulsion services

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